Tiffany Tamaribuchi

Tiffany Tamaribuchi, an internationally recognized taiko master, has achieved a level of acclaim in trailblazing fashion.

In the traditional taiko realm, of Japanese born and trained male performers, she creates a new powerful voice with her multicultural heritage, youth, and feminine perspective. Ms. Tamaribuchi's determination and perseverance, through long hours of grueling practice in her initial studies, transformed her sense of life's possibilities, which she now does for others.

As founder and artistic director of three active taiko groups, her vitality reaches extremely diverse audiences throughout North America, Europe, and Japan.

First and foremost in her dedication is Sacramento Taiko Dan, a nonprofit organization that she began in 1989 to introduce taiko within her native community. Welcoming all interested drummers, Ms. Tamaribuchi instructs children and adult students, who graduate into the Children's Ensemble and adult performing group. In tandem with taiko techniques, students acquire life lessons in observation, focus, relaxation, and the benefits of simply breathing. Taiko draws upon one's entire spiritual being and elements of nature, which inspire Ms. Tamaribuchi's original compositions and choreography used in Sacramento Taiko Dan's extensive concert schedule of 45+ performances annually.

Enriching her perspective, she also directs Tozai Wadaiko, a professional touring taiko ensemble comprised of individual artists from groups throughout the world. Consequently, Ms. Tamaribuchi fuses traditional taiko rhythms with modern influences for a fresh Japanese-American sound.

Expanding the performance opportunities for women taiko players, Ms. Tamaribuchi formed and coordinates JO-Daiko, an exclusively women's taiko ensemble which performs at events focused on women's issues. Embodying strong and commanding images, JO-Daiko's voice awakens a sense of self-empowerment for women-both as performers and spectators.

Thank you again for giving us a workshop.(...) We were very pleased and honoured to learn from you as you already know. I have a valuablenew perspective on taikodrumming thanks to you.
- Daien Ide, Katari Taiko

"Tiffany Tamaribuchi continues to be one of the most popular workshop leaders for the North American Taiko Conferences (1997-2003) and is highly regarded as one of America's leading taiko instructors. (Her) unique and creative approach to taiko instruction with workshops such as "Drills and Thrills," continues to be a strong draw to the JACCC's biennial Taiko Conferences"
- Bryan Yamami, 1999, 2001, 2003 Taiko Conference Coordinator, Project Manager, JACCC

Tiffany Tamaribuchi makes a lot of sense. She teaches an energy efficient way to hit the drum and shares knowledge of body mechanics so that you can drum with less strain. She educates and furthers the art of taiko drumming by sharing her cumulative experience of North American and Japanese taiko drumming techniques and styles. Tiffany Tamarabuchi has had a direct impact on changing my taiko drumming technique so that I conserve more energy while playing.
- Bonnie Soon / Professional Taiko Drummer / Uzume Taiko - Canada

I always look forward to Tiffany's workshops.  She's so inspiring.  A wonderful way of teaching that makes one feel good on the inside.  I love her sense of humor and wit.  The workshop is energizing, spiritual and whole bunch of belly laughs.
 - Stephanie Dahlstrom, Moab Taiko Dan

The week-long session with Sensei Tiffany was not only helpful and
educational, it was fun!  Our group sounds, looks and presents itself much
better and I myself feel that I have improved tremendously.
- Kamie-Lei Pacheco, Zenshin Daiko

Hi Tiffany, I wanted to email to thank you for offering the Odaiko workshop in Vancouver, Canada last winter (at Uzume's Taiko Centre).
I've only been playing taiko for 2 years and I really felt out of my league entering that workshop. I really want to thank you for your funny visuals, such as "the taco grip" and "spaghetti arms" because they really stuck in my head. When I got back home I practiced in front of the mirror and played on a rope bound post in our Dojo, because we didn't actually have an Odaiko to play.
We just got an odaiko and I'm really glad I took your workshop as I've really been able to work on my technique. It felt really great to go to taiko practice because the guys kept saying "I'll be the Odaiko player!" and they couldn't even get through one song! I really blew them away because I'm much smaller than they are so they didn't expect me to have the endurance and technique. Now they want me to show them the things you taught us. I didn't realize how much I absorbed from your workshop until now... thanks a lot for coming to Vancouver!
Deb Shepherd
Uminari Taiko, Victoria, BC Canada

Taiko taught by Tiffany Tamaribuchi is a special opportunity. She is a gifted artist and teacher, as well as a genuine person. The learning experience includes comprehensive and diverse explanations of technique, interspersed with deeper personal insights and affects of Taiko. Tiffany infuses wit and humor into her teaching, bringing the spirit and art of Taiko drumming to a real and individual level. A personal sharing of this type is full and rich. You will become inspired to learn more, and awed by her relationship with the drum. Working with Tiffany is a rare and wonderful treat. It is well worth it. Open your mind, body, and spirit. Take a Taiko workshop from Tiffany Tamaribuchi!
- Karen Clark, Moab Taiko Dan

"During the workshops, Sensei Tiffany brought out something in our group that no one else had before.  We realized that we weren't being the group we could be, or the group we wanted to be.  Her passion for Taiko was evident, and it brought out our passion. Overall, the workshops were just plain fun."
-Elise Fujimoto, Zenshin Daiko

"It was an honor to have a workshop with Tamaribuchi Sensei.  She has a real gift for breaking down the complex art of taiko into simple skills that are accessible to beginners and still a challenge to more advanced students.  Her energy and sense of humor also made the workshop a truly enjoyable experience."
- Megan Clark, Stanford Taiko

Any taiko group that gets to have a workshop with Tiffany is a lucky taiko group. I highly recommend her workshops. If you want a better understanding of the physical mechanics involved in taiko, Tiffany's clear explanations will help you streamline each movement for maximum effect. You'll learn where to use your strength and where to relax. If you feel frustrated and unsure how to improve, Tiffany's constructive feedback will guide you to the next level. Best of all, if you're hoping to be inspired -- just watch her play!!  Unfailingly, the combination of the enjoyable taiko experience she offers and her skillful teaching and playing fuels my enthusiastic determination to practice, learn, and improve.
- Naoko Amemiya, Portland Taiko

"We found that her clear teaching style helped us improve during the workshop and also gave us techniques and exercises to practice throughout the year."
- Julian Flores, Stanford Taiko

"Tamaribuchi Sensei has a truly intellectual approach to kata; she reinforces the 'how' with the 'why'."
- Mark James, Stanford Taiko

"Tamaribuchi Sensei is an invaluable and approachable resource for beginning taiko players."
- Hyacinth Alvaran, Stanford Taiko

"Tamaribuchi is an exquisite performer and an inspirational instructor. The depth of her knowledge, and the range of her background in the art form are unmatched -- and this is complemented by her personable and accessible teaching style. Her love for taiko is readily apparent in her teaching."
- Naomi Guilbert of Fubuki Taiko, Winnipeg, MB, Ca.

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